McDowell Mountain Golf Club Welcomes Michael Stidham



Please join us in welcoming our new Food and Beverage Manager, Michael Stidham, to our McDowell Mountain Golf Club’s very own Mesquite Grille.

Michael is an Arizona native who brings over ten years of restaurant management experience to Mesquite Grill. He attended Western New Mexico University on a basketball scholarship and graduated with a desire to pursue a career in restaurant management. This decision was a great one as it led him back to his beloved home of Arizona.

Michael’s love, passion, and commitment to managing a perfect dining establishment is exactly what we were looking for here at McDowell’s Mesquite Grille. He has an incredible understanding of what makes a successful restaurant and we are confident that this knowledge, paired with his drive, will create a memorable dining experience for your friends and family.

Since Michael has roots in Arizona as well as family located here in the valley of the sun, he agrees with us that family is everything. His hope for Mesquite Grille is to transform the restaurant into a place where friends, family, and members of the community can get together and enjoy great company. Michael is also looking forward to working on his golf game here at McDowell Mountain Golf Club—once the weather cools down, of course! While not currently a golfer, he definitely has the athletic ability to learn the sport that we all know and love.

So, the next time you’re playing golf or looking for a delicious meal to enjoy with friends and family, please visit us at Mesquite Grille. Say hello to Michael and enjoy the family fun spot he’s created for everyone!



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