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Advice Every New Golfer Should Take

New to golf and finding out how difficult and irritating this supposed slow, peaceful, and relaxing game can be? Well, you’re definitely not alone. In fact, I could make a fortune, betting that 100% of all golfers, new and experienced have gone through the same aggravation. Of course, I would only win my fortune on the notion that somebody would actually be ignorant enough to bet against golf’s frustrations. Sure, golf can be fun and relaxing, but it is a two-way road where sometimes the reward falls short. So why do people continue to play? Well, it’s simple…No matter how bad your golf game is, there is always that one great shot you had. The shot that keeps you coming back for more. That perfect shot that brought an exuberance to your life for a moment…Well, that one great shot you had will pester your existence. It will light a fire within your soul, begging the question, “how will I make that great shot just one more time”. This is what golf is all about. Here are some basic pointers that every beginner golfer should know.


You may be saying to yourself, “Of course! now how do I hit the ball straight.” Sorry to let you down, but relaxing at the tee probably won’t make you hit the ball any straighter or further. Not a very “good” introduction to my first point; huh!…There is a lot of “good” in relaxing the body and mind while swinging the club though. By keeping calm and relaxed, you are more likely to find a rhythm in your swing that works. If you continually try to attack the ball, you will hit the ball: left, right, center, right, right, left, and so on. With that lack of consistency, the frustration sets in, leaving you with a bad day on the course..


Golf is all about rhythm. When playing a round of 18 holes, you will find rhythms in your game that are working that particular day. On the contrary, you will also discover what isn’t working for you that day. Sure; maybe your drive has been slicing right all day long. You just can’t avoid the long stuff off the tee. However, on that same particular day…your shots taken with a 5 iron are straighter than an arrow launched into the sky. On that day, you obviously have fallen into a particular rhythm with your 5 iron; so use it, and bag the driver. You’ll feel way better about yourself on the course.

Get lessons

Learning how to swing a golf club properly can take years to master, but getting even one lesson is the best way to get started. There are various fundamentals of a golf swing that every beginner should be taught in person. Things like: how to grip a club, where to place the ball in the stance, and how to backswing and follow through are just some of the things that are explained best in person. Lessons generally allow your swing to be videotaped and analyzed as well. This will give you something to work on at the range. No matter how often you practice, just remember; if you allow yourself to relax and find your rhythm, then that great shot you had in the past, will be comparable to a normal shot in the future.



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