10 Golf Tips to Get You Closer to Par Than Ever Before!



Master the golf game with these 10 tips!

1) Use a Bosu ball to increase both balance and strength, which leads to a more controlled swing

bosu ball

2) Stay positive. If you are thinking negatively before a swing, those negative thoughts will affect your performance. Remember “a bad attitude is worse than a bad swing.” – Payne Stewart. Let’s just say in this case don’t follow in Happy Gilmore’s footsteps.

happy gilmore

3) Aim upwards. Most golfers will swing their driver leveled, if you angle the club at 2 or 3 degrees, the ball will get a bigger lift and further shot. Phil Mickelson is quite the pro at this and his friend quite trusting!

phil mickelson golf shot

4) Make friends. Although golf can be very competitive, remember to enjoy yourself and talk to other golfers on the course. Who knows they could teach you a thing or two!


5) Focus on legs. Having a strong lower body will drastically improve your swing. Turning into your swing will create torque pushing the ball further.

golf swing perfection

6) Keep your grip light and relax your muscles, specifically forearms and fingers. This will create a faster, cleaner swing, which will drive the ball even further.


7) Visualize the shot. Try and imagine where the ball is going to be in the air and where it will land. This will help you relax and loosen up to make a good shot.


8) Practice, practice, practice. Each time you play you will adjust to better improve your abilities. You have to put in the hours to get positive results. Practice makes perfect!

Practice golf

9) Putting is just as important as driving, don’t neglect it. Work on putting from 6 feet away or closer. Not everyone can drive the ball far, but anyone can become a great putter! Oh and don’t mind the guy rolling in the background….focus is key!

golf put

10) Keep your elbow close to your hip!




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