Boyd Summerhays, Director of Instruction

As it is for most of you, golf is my passion. The fact that we are golfers means we share much in common. We are continually striving to learn more and better our golf game. In the pursuit of improvement, we have all experienced: success, failure, confidence, frustration, anger, fascination, laughter, life lessons, friendship, love, hate, and joy. At one time or another, most if not all of us have vowed to never play the game again. But then we hit that one pure shot that keeps us coming back. I believe this is a big reason why we love the game of golf.  It requires so much and cannot be conquered.

What part of your game is holding you back? Is it your tee ball, lack of distance, iron game, chipping, putting, course management, or the mental aspect of the game? Come see us at the McDowell Mountain Learning Center. We can help you simplify your golf game and lower your scores. 


Boyd Summerhays




McDowell Mountain Learning Center's Philosophy

Since everyone is uniquely different, no two golf swings are the same. Every golfer has specific strengths and limitations. In order for our instruction to be most effective, we take into consideration your body type, personality, learning style, skill level, and your goals. From the true beginner to the touring professional our teaching style and philosophy is the same.

To help you improve your game and lower your scores, we address the full swing, short game, putting, practice routines, course management and the mental aspect of the game. From our personal experience, we are confident that you will gain a better understanding of your game and see progress and results in your first lesson.


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